Dear exhibitors, dear participants,

over the last months, we started preparing the second edition of the Maker Faire on Luxembourgish ground. Scheduled from May 16 to 17 in Rosport, the event already attracted many exhibitors. We are happy to see such an active and motivated maker community in and around Luxembourg.

At the same time, the 2020 edition is facing a unique challenge: the Corona-Virus. True makers in our hearts, we are not of soft nature and are not eager to give a quick decision and cancel our event without due reason. At the same time, we take the outbreak of the Corona virus very serious and are considering all necessary steps required for the health and well-being of both exhibitors and participants. 

Over the past weeks, we already checked all possible precautionary measures, adapted our floor plans, checked on sufficient sanitary installations,… as we followed the latest governmental warnings and advises, for Luxembourg and the surrounding regions. 

It is with big regrets and with high hope for a better framework that we decided to postpone the organization of the Maker Faire Luxembourg 2020.

– The Maker Faire Luxembourg attracts also exhibitors and participants from the neighboring regions and even other European countries. Some restrictions that they are facing already extend to July 2020. 

– Even if some restrictions for Luxembourg apply so far only till End of March, we cannot plan with the risk of additional restrictions during the peak months of the Faire preparations.

We will communicate closely with all exhibitors who already applied for the 2020 edition of the Maker Faire Luxembourg. 

We will coordinate with the hosting partners in Rosport. Together, we will look for the most appropriate new date for the Maker Faire. 

We continue to monitor the further development of the situation. This website is getting updated if there are further details affecting the Maker Faire Luxembourg. 

We recommend you to also visit the official website of the Luxembourg government, where you can find related informations in 4 languages: 

While we are looking for a new date, we keep the call for makers open. If you are considering participating to our Maker Faire as an exhibitor, feel free to submit your workshop or activity. We will contact you swiftly regarding the possible dates. Just drop us an e-mail to

Our thoughts are with all those in Luxembourg and around, who are affected by the Corona virus! We also would like to express all our thanks to all those who are actively working on combatting the outbreak.

Maker greetings,

Maker Faire Luxembourg team

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