One year ago, our team decided to visit Eindhoven Mini Maker – Europe is quite small and Netherlands are our neighbours ! We had a wonderful time, meet fantastic makers and organizers, connect with lovely people.

This year, Eindhoven became Maker Faire – big step for them ! – and we wouldn’t be just visitors anymore. Having a luxemburger island as Luxembourg Mini Maker Faire, we invited few projects to hit the road with us :

We invited people from all ages to make whatever they want and the luxemburger invitation worked well !

During each event we’re visiting, we’re working like we’re a social network : meeting new makers, making friends, being curious and having good times with people around.


Here’s the best sum up of this week end and both great announcement dear followers : save the date, save the city, save Luxembourg Mini Maker Faire !

Save the date 28th and 29th april 2018


We would like to thank all Eindhoven Maker Faire production team (René, Anne Marjin, Nelly, Anna) and volunteers for their warm welcome, visitors for their interest and Makers for their enthusiasm. We’re happy and proud to launch our event at yours, and excited to continue this adventure till first premiere on 28th and 29th April 2018 in Esch / Alzette.

Go check their website :
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